One Month Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Three Great One Month Dating Anniversary Gifts For Her

So you have officially been dating a month – the first mini-milestone in officially being a couple. Getting the perfect one month anniversary gift for her can be a bit tricky – you want something that seems thoughtful, considerate and romantic, but not something too extravagant or over-the-top. After all, the last thing you would want is to scare her away by seeming too eager to impress, or at the worst, eliciting the awkward and embarrassing scenario of there being a large difference in size or quality of the gift you give her versus the one she gives you. Read on for three one month anniversary gift ideas for her that are appropriate, thoughtful, and strike the right balance between being small enough for the occasion, while still being gift-worthy enough to make her smile.

lalalicious-sugar-kiss-souffle-body-scrub1. Perfume and other yummy-smelling body products – If your woman is the classic feminine or girly type, she will truly appreciate the sensual decadence of a nice lotion, perfume, or body scrub. If you choose to go this route, pay close attention to the fragrance of products she already has. Does she tend to go for more fruity scents? Or does she lean towards more heavy aromas? Pick something scented in the vein of what she already owns, so as to give her a gift you know she will love and actually use. Try not to give her a type of product that she already owns a ton of already. For example, if she has lots of perfume, purchase a body scrub or lotion instead.

nars-fashion-icon-makeup-gift-set2. Makeup – For the woman that pays close attention to her appearance, makeup will always be appreciated! Fun products like eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, or lip gloss areĀ  great selections if you go this route. Again, take your cues on what to buy from her – pay attention to what she wears on a regular basis. For a neutral or light-makeup gal, bronzer is ultra-flattering but subtle enough to look natural. You could also try a blush in a peachy-pink shade, which usually works on any complexion. For a more daring woman – go wild with trendy eyeshadow colors or a popping lipstick. If she already owns tons of makeup, get her a nice makeup case or bag to store and carry around her stash!

harpers-bazaar-magazine-cover-kim-kardashian3. Magazine Subscription – This idea is flexible, small, thoughtful and can be accommodated to just about anyone’s tastes and interests. Is she into shopping? Check out Lucky, Instyle or Glamour Magazine. Loves to travel? Budget Travel Magazine would be the perfect guide for her. A fitness buff might appreciate a subscription to Fitness Magazine. The options here are only limited by your creativity and her interests. This particular idea is low-stress and simple for you, and will impress her with your attention to her likes and interests.

There you have it – three fool-proof one month anniversary gift ideas for her that are small, gift-worthy, and that will impress her with your effort and attention to detail. Enjoy giving her a gift that will make her smile!