Fabulous Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife To Show Her You Love Her

Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife To Make Her Feel Special

After a decade of being married, you can be assured that your marriage is solid, secure, stable and loving, making your 10th wedding anniversary an occasion worthy of celebration. You’ve more than likely survived your fair share of ups and down, and have shared many joyful moments together that have made your marriage truly special and beautiful. On your special day, you’d want to surprise her with a gift that she will love and cherish as much as the marriage you are celebrating together. Commemorate the occasion with these tenth wedding anniversary gifts for your wife that will truly make her feel special and loved.

Traditional Gifts

For an ultra-traditional approach, you can opt for giving her a gift in tin, the traditional material for the 10th wedding anniversary. This can be done creatively in a number of ways, without coming off as tacky or cheap. For a touch of romance, hand-write her a love letter and frame it in a tin or pewter frame. Or as another idea, you could gift her with luxurious scented candles in an aluminum tin for a sensual, decadent gift.

Modern Gift Ideas

For a more modern approach, gift her with diamond jewelry – symbolic of the strength, beauty and longevity of your marriage.  A lovely necklace or set of earrings to adorn her will be sure to please and add to her beauty.

As an alternative to diamonds, sapphires are also traditionally associated with the 10th wedding anniversary, and this beautiful deep blue gemstone makes some gorgeous jewelry.

What Flowers To get Her

While not a complete gift in itself, flowers are a beautiful and classic addition to anything else you decide to give her for your anniversary. Daffodils, a beautiful, delicate and sunshine yellow flower are associated with the 10th anniversary and symbolize joy, happiness, and cheerfulness as well as faith, honesty, and truth.

If you want to opt for something more romantic, a dozen red roses will always fit the bill, or for something more exotic, gift her with a bouquet of orchids – symbolic of love, preciousness and seduction. If you’d like to make things a bit more personal, get a bouquet of flowers in her favorite color.

These 10th wedding anniversary gifts will be sure to please her, along with any other celebrations you have planned for your beautiful day.