Traditional First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her – Paper Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

Don’t Know What To Get Her For a Traditional Paper First Anniversary Gift?

After one year of being together, you have reached the first major milestone in your marriage. Your first anniversary needs to be special and memorable, and your choice of anniversary gift can make or break the occasion. For a woman who prefers something more classic, a traditional first anniversary gift will be sure to please her with your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. For the first year of marriage, paper is the traditional material of choice, and here are three ideas to help you find a traditional paper first year anniversary gift for her that will truly make long-lasting impression in her mind.

1. Framed Photograph or Photo Album -  If you and your wife cherish the memories you have together, she will truly appreciate a framed photo of the two of you together. Choose a picture from one of the best times you’ve had together – one where you both seem happy and affectionate. You can also collect all the pictures from your first year together and place them in a photo album to preserve the memories you two have created together for years to come.

2. Plane Tickets – For the woman who loves to travel, consider booking a flight to a dream destination. This gift idea is romantic and adventurous while still fitting under the traditional theme. Take her to the romantic streets of Paris or the exotic Hawaiian shores – the possibilities are endless for a trip she will truly enjoy.

3. Artwork – For the woman who enjoys creativity and beauty, consider a work of art as a gift. Take into consideration her specific tastes and choose your gift to suit her personality. Artwork is classy and has longevity, something she will be able to frame, treasure and remember for the rest of her life.

4. Books - Books can be a great gift without necessarily being dry or boring. For instance, get her a romantic book of love poetry, of if you’re the creative type, buy a beautiful journal and hand-write your own poetry or love-letters to her. Write from your heart about all the things you love and appreciate about her, and all the reasons why you chose her to be the woman you married.

These are only a few traditional first year anniversary gift ideas that will be sure to please her and remain in her memories for years to come.